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Telling a story

“The only thing that matters is what actually ends up on the big screen, not how you got it there. You could make a cartoon in crayons about a red square that falls in unrequited love with a blue circle, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house if you know how to tell a story.”

-Don Hertzfeldt, in the New York Times, 11/30/08


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LGBT families

It’s Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Dana Rudolph of Mombian has put together the list of links here:

I think Dana organized this in the first place, too. 

Since Uncle Bobby’s Wedding was published, I’ve traveled from Boston to San Francisco to Provincetown to Colorado, and I’ve met so many delightful families everywhere I went. I hate to be sentimental about it, but every time someone attacks the book, or me, or same-sex marriage in general, I remember the faces of the children of these families. They were all so engaged, confident, bright, and put-together… obviously loved, but they also obviously had great parents. Every single one of them. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of them and their moms and moms and dads and dads. 

When I’m working on a new book, alone in my studio, it tends to be just about me and the book. I hope people will like it, but it’s amazing when the book is out there in the world and I get the chance to talk to people I would otherwise never have met. 

Thank you!

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